EasyScan specifications

  • Advanced, high-contrast SLO technology at a price everyone can afford.
  • High-contrast imaging, see up to the sixth bifurcation (see from 10µ).
  • Real-time live view of retina, enhanced view of periphery, automated iris detection.
  • Autofocus, autocapture, auto exposure.
  • Capture mode: Green (532 nm) and near IR (785 nm) for three imaging modalities.
  • Easy to use: Joystick navigation and intuitive user software.
  • EasyConnect for easy sharing, reviewing, archiving and reporting.
  • Compact, portable EasyScan fits on every desk, anywhere.



Technical Specifications

Optical engine Confocal SLO
Capture mode Green (532 nm), near infrared (785 nm) and combined (pseudo color)
Field angle 45°
Pupil size 1.5 mm.
Auto focus and auto capture yes
Allignment help “See what you get” with IR live imaging
Emmetropia compensation +/- 10D
Networking capabilities including tele diagnosis yes
Image formats TIFF, BMP, DICOM, PDF, JPEG, PNG
Compact and portable yes
Weight < 11 kg