About EasyScan B.V.

What we stand for (Mission & Vision)

Smart Retinal Imaging

At Easyscan BV we have a long term goal: Preventing blindness by early diagnostics. 80% of blindness can be prevented or treated if caught early enough, meaning saving the vision of 5,6 million people annually. We want to contribute to this goal by offering smarter eye diagnosis tools that cost less, perform better and are developed with the healthcare consumer in mind. Our tagline “Smart Retinal Imaging” stands for our core philosophy of making products that are faster, easier, patient friendly and highly accessible. We strongly believe that Primary healthcare providers and alternative care providers such as Optical Retail need solutions that increase their production capacity substantially, that can be operated by anyone and offer superior outcomes to patients and consumers.

Our product EasyScan and our partners’ solutions for Telediagnostics and Autodiagnostics target the fast growing market of age and diabetes related eye diseases. EasyScan offers a retinal exam within 3 minutes for early detection of AMD, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy and other retinal diseases. It is a multi-billion market and rapidly expanding due to trends in ageing, diabetes prevalence and rapidly advancing therapeutic solutions. EyePrevent is an integrated service for screening of diabetes patients and others on retinal diseases that could lead to blindness.