EasyScan marketing concepts

EasyScan Marketing Concepts

EasyScan Vision Expert concept

By introducing EasyScan as traffic generating concept, we are aiming to help optical retailers position themselves as vision experts within the industry. The EasyScan test enables optical businesses to provide their customers with a total eye care experience by not only taking the “usual” measurements, but also by having a look at the back of the eye – the retina. By doing so, the professional creates an opening for substantiated eye care advice and personal lens recommendations. Options for additional lens coatings can easily be discussed with the help of specific animations integrated in the EasyScan software. In-store marketing tools complete the picture.


In several markets the awareness around blue light damage by electronical devices is a hot topic. Our blue-light conceptstresses the importance of preserving vision while living in a digital world. Patients of optical businesses are educated on the danger of high energy visible blue light. By engaging the EasyScan test, professionals can detect any changes or deviations (macular degeneration) in the patient’s retina caused by the exposure to high visible blue light. Applying different lens coatings can provide protection and relief for the patient and increased business for the optical retailers.

3-minute eye care test

With this concept EasyScan targets consumers by enhancing awareness of their eye health. Promoting regular exams of their retina with the help of the 3-minute eye care test, preserves their vision in the long run. The advantage of quick retinal screening lays in the fact that waiting times for an initial check-up are reduced and referrals can be made to specialists, if necessary.


EasyScan for healthcare professionals aim to highlight the advantages of retinal screening in a world of an increasingly aging population and chronic diseases. Access to care becomes progressively difficult and waiting times rise. By employing EasyScan in their practice, the throughput-rate of patients can be drastically increased due to the fact that the test only takes 3 minutes and no dilation is needed.


The EasyScan images can be checked by a medical third party from a distance. This way, optical retailers are able to accommodate special cases and seek professional advice. The telemedicine service is provided in cooperation with Epitop.